About me

I am a ceramic artist based in Tallinn, Estonia. Graduate of Estonian Academy of Art.
For me art is the partnership of the light and shadow, color versus black&white rhythm, sound of silence and music of busy everyday life.


One rainy winter day I walked into a small ceramics studio. There is where my ceramics journey begins. I love the way that I shape the material with my hands, its roughness and softness at the same time, I love the patience I learned over the years, when you wait the kiln opening every time like a first time, i love the endless possibilities and surfaces of a glazes, i’m so much in love…

When I think deeper, why I chose ceramics on a first place to fell in love with? A lot of people around me are artists, I guess, that I always wanted to be one at the deep of subconscious, but I needed it to be special, so I chose medium no one I know was doing art with - clay. It was mine and mine only.

How did your love become a personality feature? During the school years I learned to think bigger, how to push through when you mind is blocked by the assignment you don’t like and the darkness of the new territory. School taught me how to organize and stream the mess of the emotions and the inspirational materials into design thinking, searching for an answer to the questions our every day life sets and finding the way there where is no light.

I tend to think that our design is very much alike us visually. And definitely emotionally, being an artist means being the constant explorerer of myself. Some projects take just one side or feature of me, and in some of them I’m pouring myself out completely. We’re exposing ourselves throught our art to the world.  Textures and colors of our soul. These are art projects. Design project are thinking about the others, their needs, their expectations, imagining yourself being other person, what would this person like, how would this object feels to him. It’s like cloning and streaming myself into the world through my medium – clay. 

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